Happy 1 Year Birthday!

We are so thankful.

One year ago today, Jake and I launched Dubsado to the world.  It was the scariest thing we ever did, but it ended up being the best thing.  

This year has been a wild ride. We have launched some crazy features in such a small window of time, and it has ONLY been a year.  We have so much we are looking forward to as we head into the next year.

To start, we have some amazing features coming that will knock your socks off and help you run your business more efficiently.  Secondly, we are SO HAPPY to announce our Dubsado Family is growing.  Starting in the next few weeks, we will have 3 more developers on board and excited about creating some magic.  Not only are they skilled programmers, but most importantly, they are people who we are confident understand the heart of what this Dubsado family is all about.  If you thought we were fast before, get ready to be blown away. 

LASTLY, to celebrate our birthday, we have launched a limited time Dubsado Store. A variation of our most LOVED pens are one of the products we are excited to share, but our showcasing of #thelittlevictories products is what is most near and dear to our hearts. 

#thelittlevictories is our mission to help you celebrate your little wins in life.  Goals are what keep us going, keep us pushing on and excited about life.  Most of our goals are probably quite large, but those large goals require tons of hard work, sacrifice, and dedication.  As business owners, we are probably hard on ourselves most of the time.  This is why we want to celebrate #thelittlevictories in life with you.  It’s just as important to recognize those little wins and treat them as importantly as the big ones.  #thelittlevictories keep us excited and striving towards our goals.  Let's celebrate together.

Thank you for your amazing support! 
The Dubsado Team!