Embracing The Gift That Is Your Limitations

“It’s not the lack of resources that stops you, it’s the lack of resourcefulness.”

----- Tony Robbins

We live in a world of infinite opportunities. It’s easier than ever to educate yourself, to learn from the best and brightest and to purse the career of your dreams.

It really is. Think about the medium you’re reading this article on right now. This “thing” we’re engaging in didn’t exist a few decades ago.

For the rest of this discussion, I would like you to bring to mind a goal that you really want to achieve but haven’t been able to, for whatever reason. It will help you understand the ideas in this article much better as we go along.

Why You Haven’t Succeeded Yet

When you think, really think, about the reasons you haven’t succeeded yet, what comes to mind? Maybe you’re an entrepreneur with a great idea, but you’ve never been able to execute it because…

  • You don’t have enough money.
  • You don’t know the right people.
  • You don’t have all the necessary skills.
  • You don’t have the right team.


Now, I would invite you to consider the story of a man with a severe learning disability, who has built over 400 different businesses and is a multi-billionaire, philanthropist and general rockstar.

The learning disability in question? Dyslexia.

The man – Sir Richard Branson.

Ingvar Kamprad built IKEA from the ground up despite having barely enough money to start a matchstick business.

I hear you thinking “Oh, so it’s all about not giving yourself excuses.” Well, yes. But that’s not nearly the complete picture.

The Hero’s Journey

Every great tale that made an impression on you as a child, every superhero and fantasy epic from Harry Potter to The Lord of The Rings is based on one fundamental narrative.

The Hero’s Journey.

The Hero’s Journey is a classical archetype of a person who is talented or powerful, but must undergo severe challenges before they can emerge victorious.

Your own life works much the same way. Whether you know it or not, you currently have a narrative in your head about why you haven’t been able to achieve that goal.

You’re telling yourself a story about why you can’t have a successful business.

You’re telling yourself a story about why you can’t be healthier, happier or wealthier.

It’s time to change that story.

Your Origin Story

Your limitations, or your current perceived lack of resources are giving you the chance to rewrite your story.

  • Don’t have enough money to hire developers? Work 4 hours extra every day, and build the app on your own.
  • Don’t know how to sell? Become obsessed with being a better salesman. Consume every book, every course you can find until you’re a master or at the very least incredibly competent at sales.
  • Live in a bad neighborhood? Earn enough money so that you can relocate your family into a nicer place.

Your limitations force you to be creative. They push you into corners and make you fight your way out.

Your limitations are the bridge between where you are and where you dream of being. They’re the lone beacon of light on a stormy night at sea. 

Your limitations are your allies. If you just magically woke up and everything you wanted was yours, what lessons will you have learnt?

Think about it – when people recount your story, many years from now, what do you think they’ll be talking about? Wouldn’t it be a much cooler story if you were able to overcome severe limitations and still prevail?

Don’t crib about the hand you’ve been dealt. Embrace it. Entrepreneurs who succeed over the long run are capable of dealing with rough situations. They’re calm in the eye of the storm. It is the reason why entrepreneurs like Bill Gates, Richard Branson and Elon Musk can attract so many capable people to their cause.

They’ve learnt how to embrace their limitations. So can you.

To your success,

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