Dubsado's Weekly Jams - Mar. 12th

DubsadoSpotifyPlaylist (1).png

Hi all -

This week’s playlist is by me, Becca!  Woo!  Everyone in the office kinda laughed when it came time for me to do the Spotify list.  I don’t listen to much music.  In fact, the **only** time I do listen to music is when I workout.

When I am running I like the beats smooth and easy to sing along with.  I am a weirdo and sing under my breath when I run.  It keeps me focused on my breathing rather than how tired I am.

When I am doing weights or a home circuit, I need the beats to strong, loud, and don’t really give me a chance to think at all.  These strength trainings are hard  so I need it to be distracting!   

I think this playlist is a good mixture of both my running and weight list.  

Working out is my stress relief.  Between work… lots of work, kids, and everything else we have going on, this time to myself is something I take very seriously. Whether it be a 15 min circuit at home, weights, a run or an hour spin class, the energy and clarity I get after a workout is invigorating.