Dubsado Monthly Favs - October 2017

Dubsado Facs.png

A peek into some of our favorite finds this month! No affiliate links, just sharing our love!

1. Samsung Frame TV - Okay, is the greatest invention ever.  This TV looks like it is a photo when "off" and when on it is just a regular TV.  
2. La Croix -  Easily our most consumed office beverage (aside from coffee of course).  La Croix has got a ton of great flavors and is just the right amount.  We might be a little biased, but it's the best sparkling water you can buy.
3. Simplified Planner - There is just something nice about writing things down.  I like seeing my life at a glance, and all in a nice planner always helps.  Plus, Emily Ley's new non-spiral planners are amazing!
4. Marigold and Grey - If you are in need of a good gift basket for a wedding, friend, thank you gift, a client, etc... Marigold & Grey's basket's are so beautifully put together.  Each one looks like a piece of art.  Whoever receives this gift will be in love!  Plus, owner of Marigold & Grey is an awesome Dubsado user! 
5. GoLive HQ - We love the GoLive HQ crew is bomb.com.  They do custom sites and also have pre-made templates for Squarespace and Showit.  We used one for our Huddle site and just to pick one for there was so hard.  There are so many great ones to choose from.
6. Essential Oils Diffuser - We get headaches often, and especially when moving to a new office...the whole thing smelled like paint.  It was bad.  We needed something to make the air smell fresh, and help with the headaches.  We love this diffuser since it looks nice and it runs for about 10 hours on its little tank.
7. Oils - And of course, you have to have the oils to go with it.  Our favs are lavender, peppermint, and eucalyptus. 
8.  Sweet Sangria - Potent candles give us all headaches here, but a candle always makes a space feel more calming.  This candle has the sweetest, most amazing smell ever.  Even better that when we run out, we can just make a quick trip to Target.  Who doesn't love that?!
9. Cami Monet - Every single thing in Cami's shop is incredible.   She is such a talented person.  We are wanting to put an order in for a few Cami originals for our kitchen in the office.  If you are needing to fill some wall space or need a nice gift, head over to Cami's shop!