Dubsado Forever Plan is Released!

Ya ya, we know monthly/yearly fees can get to be annoying.  We totally agree.  Netflix, Hulu, Canva, Amazon Prime... It all adds up.  This is why we wanted to give you the option to get it all over with.  BOOM done.  Just like that.  

The Dubsado Forever plan is a ONE TIME $600 fee.  That's all.  We have some HUGE features coming to Dubsado and this will lock you in to all of it.  

Like all plans, The Forever Plan also includes getting you all set up!  Send us over those contracts, questionnaires, email templates or other forms...We will get that info you in a jiffy.  

To read more about the fine print of our Forever Plan, take a look at this page!

Any questions we are happy to help!

Becca & Jake