Dubsado and Zapier: Live at Last

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Zapier Integration is now officially LIVE with Dubsado and we could not be more excited. Everyday, thousands of business owners choose Dubsado to help organize and run their businesses, but we know we aren't the only tool you love. Having a way for all your favorite apps and resources to communicate and work together is game changing. That's where Zapier comes in. 

Zapier is a web automation tool that allows all your favorite apps to communicate and work together, without the need of any fancy APIs or web developer knowledge. Simply subscribe to a template and watch as Zapier workflows help your data move seamlessly between apps. To celebrate the launch, we've highlighted a few of our favorite templates! 

Read more and find the full list of Zaps, HERE


Send emails via Gmail when new Dubsado leads are received

Gmail is a great way to communicate with your clients. When you receive a new lead, it's important to follow up with them in a timely, personal manner. Use this Zapier integration to email your customers when you receive a new lead, or send a reminder email to yourself.

Create new Asana tasks for new Dubsado leads

Asana is an amazing tool for staying on top of your work, specific tasks and projects. With this Zapier integration, new tasks will be automatically created in Asana when you receive leads in Dubsado.

Add new Dubsado leads to a MailChimp list

Do you use MailChimp to send out important communications and email blasts to your leads or clients? Making inputting those leads easy. Once set up, this Zapier integration will automatically new leads from Dubsado to your MailChimp list.

Post Slack notifications whenever new Dubsado payments are received

Want to keep your team motivated by letting everyone know when new payments are received? Once activated, this Zapier integration will automatically post an update on your team's Slack channel whenever new payments are received via Dubsado.

Add comments to cards in Trello for new Dubsado leads

Trello is an amazing tool for keeping all your thoughts and work organized. With this automation, Zapier will add a new comment to a card in Trello when you receive a new lead in Dubsado.

Get SMS notifications when new Dubsado payments are received

Our phones are crucial for staying on top of our business. We're mobile entrepreneurs and having up to the minute financial updates is vital. With this Zapier integration, you'll be able to get SMS notifications whenever you receive new payments in Dubsado so you can keep business moving!