Coming to Dubsado This Month


We have loved connecting with all of you since the launch of Dubsado.  We have been very busy over here adding more features and making the system run as smooth as it can.  We have so much planned for Dubsado we can barely contain the excitement and want to get it done like RIGHT NOW!  But great things take some time.  We have always loved the idea of keeping all our users in the loop of what is happening and what is to come here at Dubsado.  So here is our month of March goals.

  1.  Calendar sync works now from Dubsado to your phone, BUT we will be adding it both ways now.  From Dusbado to your phone and from your phone to Dubsado.
  2. Adding the option of paying invoices through Credit Card.
  3. Simplified way to send invoices to client with improved flow.
  4. Complete "light" version of bookkeeping.
  5. Completing little bug fixes here and there.
  6. Starting the pre-stages of workflow (coming in the next two months)

We have a bunch more little things that we are adding in but we don't want to bore you with all the details. Thank you for making the last week and a half in business a fun one.  Here's to lots more!

Love, Becca and Jake