New Features: The Branding Update

Your email. Your colors.  Your brand.

We have always strived to make Dubsado branded to your business for your clients.  This is why we never believed in putting our logo on ANYTHING your client sees. This is all about YOUR business!  

We are excited to announce a few neat branding features:

1. SMTP email settings: For the layman....  This means your email server is what will be sending the emails in Dubsado now...Not our servers.  Before emails were being sent with your name and our email, then when they replied the system put your email in so you receive the emails.  BUT this caused some issues with spam or unreliable deliverability.  Now if you decide to put your email settings in (which we encourage you to do), emails will be sent from you entirely but all through Dubsado's interface.  Cool huh?  For the how to: CLICK HERE.

2.  Added Fonts: Although we cannot add every font out there, we did add some amazing fonts for forms and contracts to customize the look of them to match your brand!

3.  Button Color: As you probably already know, when you send a form, contract, or invoice through Dubsado, it sends with a little teal button in the email.  Although we LOVE our teal brand colors, we want you to have the option to customize that in case teal is not your thang ;). Now you can make that button reflect your brand!  This goes with the color for the button on the lead capture form embedded on your website as well!  For the how to: CLICK HERE.

Who's excited?!  So, get into Dubsado and get your email settings in and brand colors set!