7 Steps to Develop or Maintain Brand Identity


What are the reasons that can cause a loss of brand identity? One major reason is the lack of direction and not using inspiration wisely. Now, do not get me wrong, it is never a bad idea to draw inspiration from others. How else will we understand growth and diversity? But often we are “inspired” to the point we lose our identity. Ask yourself these few checkup questions to see if you are using inspiration wisely:

  • How clear was I about my business when I first started verses now?
  • Has looking at others brought me confusion or clarity?
  • What changes have I made to my brand due to comparison?

You can use these questionsto evaluate your growth, every 3-6 months or once a month. However much you may need to keep yourself on track.

As you begin or continue your entrepreneurial journey you must be solid in your brand identity. Knowing your brand identity helps to avoid confusion and the urge to emulate someone else and lose you in the process.  One key advice I give to my clients is to tell them to assign a personality to their brand. It is sort of like Build a Bear. So, we will call it Build a Personality.  It is the idea of building a brand step-by-step with clear key words in mind. And ultimately, if done right, you will notice that your brand will develop uniquely and with originality. Why? Because no one else can be you but you.

How can this be done?

Well, let us think about a brand we all know. Skittles … What do we see when we look at this brand? Brightness, rainbow, flavors, and so forth. What do you feel? Happy, fun, and maybe like tasting some of those interesting flavor combinations.  All of these descriptions give personality to this brand. So, now you try it. Write down all the key words you want to be associated with your brand and connect it to your marketing strategy, packaging, and visual presentation on social media. Always keep these words in mind because as your brand evolves and no matter the differing marketing campaigns your brand undergoes, your core structure or identity will be solid.

The basic premise of cultivating solid brand identity is so you will not be tossed back and forth trying all sorts of formulas that are not true to you or your business, which ultimately wastes time and money. If you are solid in your brand identity all time and money should be spent in that direction no matter what others are putting out in like industries. That is why it is important to build a solid foundation that allows your brand to grow organically.

7-Steps to Develop or Maintain Brand Identity:

  1. Seek help from a Consultant or mentor (this person should be able to be completely be honest with you, and vice versa. There’s no point in wasting your money or time to have someone tell you what you want to hear. You won’t grow that way.)
  2. Build a foundation that allows you to raise your brand’s profitability. (That means position your brand to make money in more ways than one).
  3. Don’t be totally reliant on your mentor or consultant work just as hard and even harder.
  4. Have new plans only when you have properly executed your last plans. (Planning is great but execution is greater).
  5. Go to the drawing board as many times as you need to in order to maintain originality.
  6. Detox yourself while you create. That means create in rough-draft form. Free flow… Then structure, organize, or seek council.
  7. Try using things outside of social media as inspiration like the museum or nature.


About the Author: Kemerlin Richards of The RICH Kliqué is an inspirational public speaker and mentor to millennial entrepreneurs looking to be fulfilled in their business and life. By teaching these millennials how to grow their overall brand,  her goal is to turn Entrepreneurs into influential leaders that lead their business and tribe to ultimate success! The RICH Klique’s core values are Wealth + Health + Leadership + Relationships… their Mantra, I am RICH is an affirmation to live by! WEBSITE | INSTAGRAM