5 Beliefs Stopping You From Doing What You Love

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” – Confucius

How would your life be different today if you were doing something you truly love?

How would you rate your happiness today, if you had realized your true calling and were excited about it? I think it’s a fair guess to say that your life would be pretty awesome. Sure, you’d still have a lot of challenges and hard work at hand, but it would be, dare I say…

Fun. It would be fun working on your lifelong passion.

Why then do so many of us so easily give up the idea on doing what we love? Why do we so easily dismiss working on a passion as a pipe dream, a fantasy concocted by those who aren’t tough enough to do the “real work”?

Consider a different perspective for a while.

What if it was actually, certifiably possible to live the life of your dreams? What if all of the things you thought would stop you were just stories you’d concocted in your head?

And you know the best part, it IS possible. It is without a doubt, 100% possible to be excited about your work every morning. In fact, the only reason you haven’t discovered your true calling, your real passion is probably because you harbor one or all of the following beliefs:

“The day I find my passion; I will have achieved my goals.”

Here’s the thing – “finding your passion” is not a concrete line in the sand. It’s not a physical, tangible marker that denotes a definitive result. Your calling, your passion or whatever else you might choose to call it, is a way of life. It is a constantly shifting, changing, evolving experience. It’s part of what you are asBea person. As you move through the world and grow and evolve, so does the spectrum of things you are passionate about.

If “passion” or “true calling” is too esoteric a word for you, try “interest”. You know the things you’re interested in, right? Try to feel the experience of living and working on one of your interests. Notice how your body physically feels. The more time you take to introspect and make decisions that come from your deeper, higher self, the more opportunities you will organically begin to notice.

Discovering your true Calling
Discovering your true Calling

“One day, I’ll have a miraculous vision or a-ha moment that will reveal my path to me.”

Well, that might happen, but it is EXTREMELY unlikely. Hoping that the universe will somehow magically put the answer in your lap without you ever having to work for it is a delusional, and frankly dangerous mindset to have.

Enlightenment might strike you. But you have to meet it halfway. You have to actually take concrete steps to pursue your passions so that you can gain deeper insights into what you actually want to do. I’m sure you’ve had jobs before that you thought were going to be great but weren’t. Don’t just assume that you will live the life of your dreams the moment you start a blog or create a Twitter account.

That might happen, but not unless you work hard for it.


“I’ll have to quit my day job to find my calling, and that’s something I cannot do.”

Once again, HOW did you come to hold this belief? What evidence do you have that it is true?

It’s easy to think that since you aren’t happy with your current job, your passion must realistically lie in a completely different line of work, but maybe that’s not true! Maybe you aren’t a great blogger, but you have a knack for the written word. Maybe you aren’t a great marketer, but you are skilled at motivating people in your group. Transitioning and experimenting within your own industry is a great way to test the waters. Maybe you’ll find an opportunity at your current company that you grow to love an admire. Maybe it will lead to a future business opportunity.

If you just assume that you’ll have to quit your job and forego a regular source of income to find your passion, not only is it unlikely that you will ever take the leap, but you will have shut the door on a whole universe of possibilities within your current industry.


“Once I’ve chosen my passion, I can never look back or reconsider my decision.”

This is another easy mistake to make.

We’re all a work in progress. As you gain experience, you will have access to information that you never had before. In light of this new information, you may either have vindicated your current business, or decide that it isn’t prudent to pursue anymore.

These things happen all the time. You aren’t a loser if you quit your job to pursue a hobby which you later discovered wasn’t a good idea. These things happen. You just have to use the experience you gain from these situations to move on.


“I don’t believe that there’s such a thing as finding my true calling in life.”

A couple of hundred years ago, people “believed” that the earth was flat.

Here’s what I want you to understand, and really, is the one takeaway I sincerely hope you get from reading this.

Sometimes these "beliefs" have nothing to do with what actually can happen, and they might be inhibiting you.

Too often we constrict our lives in adherence to what we “believe” is true. We “believe” that we’re only worth a certain salary package. We “believe” that it’s impossible to travel six months every year and never have to worry about money. We “believe” that we are destined to a life of soul-sucking boardroom meetings and waiting for the clock to strike 5.

None of these things are true. The world is filled with people who are living lives that are full of satisfying work, adventure and happiness. Stop believing things that don’t serve you.

It’s possible. It really is. Everything you want, lies on the other side of fear.