3 Things That Set Dubsado Apart

Take a minute right now and Google “CRM”. You’re likely to be overwhelmed by the options that appear. You’ll find systems that meet the needs of multi-million dollar companies as well as ones with only a few, specific features. For the creative entrepreneur or small business owner, the same dilemma presents itself: how do you choose between options?

Luckily for us, we’re confident Dubsado isn’t just another option; that what makes Dubsado different isn’t just cosmetic or marginal, but substantial. That might explain why thousands of entrepreneurs like you have decided to join the Dubsado family.  

Photographers, event planners, calligraphers, virtual assistants, florists, nutritionists, doulas, coaches, musicians, models, designers, decorators, makeup artists, travel agents, web developers, non-profit organizers, photobooth operators and so many more have all discovered just how different Dubsado is. So enough hype; let’s talk why.


1. Your Brand, Your Way


While other services can trace their origins to a specific industry, Dubsado has always had universal application in mind. We aren’t a platform for just photographers or just for creatives. We are whatever YOU need us to be.

Names are a powerful form of association and perception. When you name your business “Paper & Hook Calligraphy”, you’re letting people know who you are and what you’re about! Similarly, the names of big businesses or services carry their own perceptions. When you carry out your official business your name isn’t the only one attached. It could be the CRM you use, the web builder, the email host, and every other tool bundled into your business and life.

We decided, what if we just didn’t get in your way? What if we just let your business be your business and didn’t give your clients another name to worry about? That’s why you won’t find our name or logo anywhere on the things you create and send in Dubsado.

Dubsado form, proposal and contract building features enable you to brand your content your way! Already have beautiful PDFs you’ve paid for? No problem! Dubsado makes it easy to enter your PDF’s as they are into our system with a simple screenshot upload! From the minute you sign up to the moment you close a deal, Dubsado is there to make sure YOU are the star.


2. A Service Built By the People, For the People


Do these scenarios sound familiar: you signed up for a program that promised to be innovative and give you what you want, but nowadays you find that most of their releases leave out that important little detail of being what YOU want. Or you have a question or concern and it just seem like every employee in the customer service department took the same day off!  

Dubsado is recognized as an industry leader in responsiveness and helpfulness. Users often find themselves surprised at not only the speed with which they get answers, but from where they come from! Whether it’s our Co-Founders answering an email or FB post, our rock star customer service team, or Dubsado users themselves in our community, there is always a response to be found! If those options don’t answer your question, no sweat: schedule a 1 on 1 with a friendly neighborhood Dubsado team member to help you through things; watch hours worth of recorded video tutorials on everything imaginable; join our Co-Founder Becca for a live walk through webinar. We will serve you in EVERY way possible!

When we built Dubsado, we took time...a lot of time, to listen to what creatives and entrepreneurs needed. We knew we weren’t the only ones with great ideas. If a game changer could be built, it would have to be built by all of us. From day one, you have had a hand in this company. Several thousand Dubsters later, you are still shaping the course of Dubsado’s future. On day one, we read every comment and email suggestion and added things to a list of features that are now staples of our business. Today, we still read those emails and comments and give you the platform to steer the Dubsado ship where you think it should go. True collaboration happens at every level and we wouldn’t be who we are today without the collaboration we’ve had with our users since day one.

No more worrying about whether your email will be responded to within a week. No more worrying that you won’t find the answer to your question or concern. No more worrying that your voice will get lost in a mass of subscribers. This service by the people, for the people.


3. A Family of Entrepreneurs


Speaking of community, have we mentioned that we have the best one around? When we started, we wanted the idea of family to be more than a nice slogan; we wanted to back it up with how you felt once you join Dubsado. Whether it was a little welcome gift, a genuine listening ear with your concerns, or a place for all of us to hang out, family was our number one goal. You might even come across a free Starbucks day now and then.

When we opened up our Dubsado community page on FB, we hoped it would be a valuable resource for members to ask questions and trade tips.  We are constantly blown away by the level of engagement the Dubsado family brings. Whether it’s assisting, educating, collaborating or problem solving, often times questions are answered by other users within seconds!

It has become a thriving meeting place where you can catch free webinars from industry leaders or your fellow Dubsado users with all the information you need to get ahead in your business. We’ve had leaders in finance, law, client process, photography and other industries share their tips and tricks for free during live webinars. We even have expert Dubsado users host webinars to share their Dubsado shortcuts! Dubsado is well represented in communities all over the web and we have our amazing users to thank.


Where Do I Sign Up?


We know talk is cheap. Since day one, we’ve worked tirelessly to back up our promises, at times rolling out features at a blistering pace! Sometimes new demands come up or feature launches impact other plans down the road. Like a real family, collaboration is all about give and take and we count ourselves lucky for all the support we receive from the Dubsado every day. The only thing that family is missing now, is you. The proof is in the pudding and lucky for you, this pudding isn’t on a timed trial. You can hop into Dubsado right now, access to all features included for free! We give you the chance to build everything in Dubsado and take up to 3 clients through the entire process! You can also hop on a trial and join our free Facebook community to hear what other users have to say! Get hundreds of hours back a year. Get hundreds of dollars back by cutting out multiple subscriptions. Take control of your business in a way you never thought possible, with Dubsado.